Wednesday, January 07, 2015

CHARLIE SHEEN APOLOGIZES FOR KIM K. RANT: CHARLIE SHEEN wildly tore into KIM KARDASHIAN on Twitter mocking her "gross and jiggly" butt, said she had "zero gratitude, zero awareness, zero talent," and was a "pox on the face of entertainment."

It started yesterday morning, when Charlie Tweeted that his friend, actor C. Thomas Howell, told him that Kim flat-out refused to give an autograph to a six-year-old girl who worshiped her. Supposedly, she told her assistant, "Oh God, can you handle this." The assistant did nothing, and both of them drove away. That sent Charlie off the rails. (TWEET)

A few hours later, after Charlie cooled off, he took it all back and apologized to. "Dear Kim, my extreme bad," he wrote on Twitter. "Really embarrassed by my actions. I heard a story that bothered me, [and] wrote some trash you didn't deserve. Ever. I'm an idiot as often as I'm a genius."

Kim hasn't responded, but a so-called "close friend" of hers claims the story Charlie heard is bogus and that Kim actually said, 'I never say no to autographs, especially kids.'"

Forget about these two overpaid morons. The real tragedy here is the six-year-old girl who "worships" Kim Kardashian. Am I right?

CAMERON DIAZ 'REALLY WANTS A BABY': CAMERON DIAZ' whirlwind wedding to BENJI MADDEN Benji Madden Monday may have been motivated by her desire to have kids, a source tells E! Online.

"She told Benji she really wants a baby," the insider revealed, "And he said, ‘Well, marry me.' The source adds that he -- or she -- definitely thinks Cammie is going to get knocked up asap. "I would not be surprised if they're already trying."

Diaz and Madden began dating last May and got engaged right before Christmas. This is the first marriage for both.

JARED LETO SHOWS US HIS PICS: If JARED LETO can't make fanny packs sexy, no one can ...

'REAL HOUSEWIFE' TERESA GIUDICE GETS A NEW GIG: "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast mate TERESA GIUDICE began her 15-month prison sentence for fraud on Monday, and Radar Online says she'll be required to have a job where she'll earn far less than the millions she made on TV.

Her possible job assignments, according to the gossip site, include "employment in food service or the warehouse, or work as an inmate orderly, plumber, painter, or groundskeeper." Her lawyer says she'd like to be in the kitchen, since she considers herself a cook.

Whatever she ends up doing, word is she'll earn between 12 and 40 cents per hour -- although her actual income will be even less than that because the government requires that 50% of what she makes must go toward the $414,588 fine she needs to pay after pleading guilty to bank and wire fraud.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION MATT LEBLANC: Former "Friends" star MATT LEBLANC and Andrea Anders have split up after more than eight years together, his rep confirms to Us Weekly.

LeBlanc and Anders co-starred in the 'Friends' spin-off "Joey," which aired from 2004 to 2006. They began dating in 2006, following the end of his marriage to Melissa McKnight.

BABY POOP: NICK and VANESSA LACHEY welcomed baby #2 -- a girl -- on Monday. They named her Brooklyn.
You can read what the "proud" mommy had to say HERE.

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