Monday, January 12, 2015

DID BEYONCE REVEAL SHE'S PREGNANT?!: Just what is BEYONCÉ trying to tell us with this sly Instagram post? Is she inferring she's pregnant or is she just messing with us again?

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The picture, which shows her at the beach buried in the sand with a sculpted bump over her belly, was not accompanied by a caption.

BILL COSBY GETS HECKLED IN CANADA, MADE FUN OF ON TV: BILL COSBY has definitely had better weekends. On Friday night, he was heckled by Canadian protesters, then last night, TINA FEY and AMY POEHLER let him have it during their opening monologue at the "Golden Globes".

Cosby was just starting a show in Hamilton, Ontario when about 30 women stood up and opened their coats, revealing shirts that read, "We Believe the Women," which they also started chanting. Not long after that, some guy called him an "arrogant piece of [crap]."

When Cosby supporters tried to fight back, Cosby told  them to quiet down and allow the protesters to have their say. And at least one guy responded with "We believe Cosby!" while another shouted, "We love you Bill!"

This was the last of three shows Bill did in Canada last week. As with the other two, the hall was half-empty.

Meanwhile ... Tina Fey came through on her implied promise to target Bill at the "Golden Globes". During the opening monologue, she and Amy Poehler were running down the plot of the movie "Into the Woods," which Poehler described like this:

"In 'Into the Woods', Cinderella runs from her prince, Rapunzel is thrown from a tower for her prince, and Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby." Then they both did their best Cosby impressions

They also took aim at the Sony hack,("Tonight we celebrate all the movies we know and love, as well as all the movies that North Korea was okay with."), and a not-so-subtle jab at sexism in Hollywood at GEORGE CLOONEY'S expense.

"George Clooney married Amal Alamuddin this year. Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, was an adviser to Kofi Annan regarding Syria and was selected for a three-person U.N. commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza Strip ... So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award."

You can watch the entire opening monologue in the video posted above.

MORE GOLDEN GLOBES: JEREMY RENNER made a seemingly unscripted comment about JENNIFER LOPEZ'S tatas while they were co-presenting the Best Actor in a Miniseries category.

After Jeremy asked J-Lo to pry the envelope open and she agreed, saying, "I've have the nails," Renner quipped, "You've got the globes, too."

2. JENNIFER ANISTON came close to a wardrobe malfunction when while stepping up to present the night's first award, Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. The split in the front of her dress was riding a little high, but, sadly, no matter how hard you strain your eyes, you can't actually see the goods.

3. MELISSA MCCARTHY wore this weird outfit, which had what looked like an over-sized necktie in the front.

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