Friday, January 09, 2015

KATY PERRY’S SUPPOSED NEW SONG ‘SHE’S SO CREEPY’ RUMORED TO BE ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT: There is a report going around that one of the songs KATY PERRY will perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance is a new song titled ‘She’s So Creepy.’

And rumor has it, the new track is about TAYLOR SWIFT. Wha?!

You’ve probably already heard that Taylor’s song ‘Bad Blood’ is reportedly about Katy, although Tay has never publicly admitted who the track is about.

As for "She's So Creepy", Katy is supposedly planning on re-releasing her album ‘Prism’ with three new tracks and the aforementioned, supposed-diss track will be one of them.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO - DOES TAYLOR SWIFT WANNA HIT DAT?: The National Enquirer wants you to believe that Taylor Swift has her sights set on LEONARDO DICAPRIO, and that she even arranged a meeting with him so she could "put him to the test" and see if he's "good boyfriend material."

It supposedly went well, too, because the tab claims she's been texting him nonstop ever since. And even though her friends are telling her it's a bad idea, Taylor thinks they'd make the perfect "power couple."

I'm pretty sure we don't have to wait for his or her rep to tell us it's all B.S. I find it quite humorous how the Enquirer makes it sound like Taylor called the shots here. Like Leo had to walk into a room and audition for her! Insert LOL here.

One last T.S story ...  Did you know there's a section of Reddit devoted solely to Tay's armpits? You really can find anything online.  (LINK)

I took a looksy, (research purposes, ya know), and  I have to say her armpits are more interesting than I thought.

TSA FEELS UP KIM KARDASHIAN: A TSA agent at LAX got to live the dream on Wednesday when KIM KARDASHIAN was randomly selected for a security pat down -- booty included. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Apparently, the TSA found her crack. (PHOTO)

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