Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TAYLOR GOT HACKED: Hackers took over TAYLOR SWIFT's Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday, and threatened to post nude photos of her. Both accounts were quickly recovered and the offending posts were deleted.

After Tay got control of her accounts back, she first made a funny ...

She then dismissed the hackers claims, saying there aren't any nude photos of her to post anyway ...

The hackers did, however, post some of Taylor's supposed text conversations -- including one with NICK JONAS -- but nothing scandalous.

JOHN MAYER TO GUEST HOST 'LATE LATE SHOW' - TO WELCOME ED SHEERAN AS GUEST: JOHN MAYER will be stepping in as a host on CBS' The Late Late Show next month, and he has some interesting guests lined up, including a guy who's BFFs with -- awkward! -- a woman he allegedly once dated.

John will be behind the desk recently vacated by Craig Ferguson from February 4 through February 6, and on Friday the 6th, two nights before the Grammy Awards, his guest will be ED SHEERAN

But will things be weird between Ed and John? After all, Ed is one of Taylor Swift's best friends, and John not only reportedly dated Taylor, he did her wrong enough to allegedly inspire the song "Dear John" on her album Speak Now.

Taylor, of course, has never admitted that the song is about John, and called him "presumptuous" in Glamour magazine for thinking that it was. But a couple of years ago, John told Rolling Stone that "Dear John" "humiliated" him.

John later released a song called "Paper Doll" that everyone assumed was about Taylor.

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