Tuesday, February 03, 2015

KIM KARDASHIAN BARES HER ASS ... AGAIN: We've seen KIM KARDASHIAN'S ass before, but never before have we seen it from this angle.

And it's not a very flattering picture. It's actually pretty pornographic -- like a cell phone pic a guy takes of his wife after a drunken bar crawl.

The photo, for a spread in the upcoming issue of "Love" magazine, shows a bent-over Kim in a jacket and shoes, but no pants. The pic was taken from behind (no pun intended!) making her butt looks blobby and shapeless.

ONE OF KATY PERRY'S SHARKS IS THE REASON FOR HER FEUD WITH TAYLOR SWIFT: KATY PERRY'S dancing sharks who became Super Bowl overnight sensations have been identified. And one of them is the reason Katy is feuding with TAYLOR SWIFT.

Right Shark and Left Shark are two of Katy's regular backup dancers. Right Shark was the one who actually knew what he was doing. Left Shark is the one who has gained quite a following for losing the choreography and just hilariously winging it. His name is Bryan Gaw.

The more competent Right Shark is Scott Myrick. He's the guy Katy poached from Taylor a few years ago and is the reason Katy and Tay are supposedly beefin'. (PHOTO)

Speaking of ...  The Internet is pretty sure Katy used some of her female backup dancers to shade Swift during her Super Bowl game performance. Notice the high-waisted polka dot bikinis? They're like the one Taylor's been seen wearing. (DANCERS) (TAYLOR)

UPDATE - WHITNEY HOUSTON'S DAUGHTER 'FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE': BOBBI KRISTINA'S condition has improved somewhat. WHITNEY HOUSTON'S 21-year-old daughter seemed on the verge of dying after nearly drowning in a bathtub on Saturday, but sources now tell TMZ it doesn't look as bleak.

It's still touch-and-go, though, word is the swelling on her brain has gone down and the oxygen levels in her brain have increased.

A rep for the family tells the site Bobbi "is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family."

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - SIMON COWELL WAS HYPNOTIZED BY A DOG: SIMON COWELL passed out during auditions for "Britain's Got Talent" after being hypnotized by … wait for it … a dog!

What happened was a woman came on the show claiming that Princess, her German Spitz, could hypnotize people just by staring at them. Simon jumped onstage to be the guinea pig.

When it was over he went back to his seat and told the other judges he felt strange. Then he collapsed off-camera. Supposedly, they had to bring the dog back over to break the spell. Sadly, there's no video of this.

WATCH KATY PERRY, LADY GAGA, AND MORE READ MEAN TWEETS: Celebrities have feelings, too, you know.

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