Monday, March 30, 2015

BILL COSBY GETS HECKLED, ACCUSED BY TWO MORE WOMEN: Busy weekend for BILL COSBY. He racked up a new heckler and two more accusers.

The heckler interrupted his show in Maryland on Friday night. It happened after one of Bill's jokes included the line, "I looked around and nobody in my brain spoke up" -- that's when the heckler jumped in and shouted out, "Thirty-eight women spoke up and called you a rapist!"

Cosby's fans tried to shout the heckler down, but Bill told them to just ignore him. The heckler himself even told the people around him, "They'll throw me out in a minute, don't worry."

Cosby then said he was going to tell more jokes, to which the heckler retorted with, "Tell the one about how to get away with rape." As he predicted, the guy WAS thrown out. [VIDEO LINK]

As far as the new accusers ... One says she was 19 when Cosby drugged and raped her in 1975. The other says she was 17 when she was assaulted in the mid-'60s. They're both being repped by attorney Gloria Allred.

TAY + CALVIN - THEY ARE SO DOING IT: It's becoming more and more apparent that TAYLOR SWIFT and CALVIN HARRIS are together.

Not only did they attend a KENNY CHESNEY concert together Thursday night, they looked pretty cozy together. One photo that found itself online shows Harris with his arm around Swift, hugging her from behind. [PHOTO] [PHOTO]

Last year, Calvin didn't seem all that into Tay. In a radio interview in November, he said of Swift, "She looks lovely but she's the opposite of my type." Earlier that year, he'd broken up with RITA ORA, who's definitely a different "type" than Taylor. But types change, I guess..

MARIAH'S NEW LOVE?!:  MARIAH CAREY and director BRETT RATNER may or may not be getting all smoove up in each other. A couple pictures of them getting cozy on a yacht surfaced over the weekend, igniting romance rumors. [PHOTO]

But they say they're just friends. And for the record, they have been friends for years. Brett has directed several of her videos

WATCH: JUSTIN BIEBER jumped onstage with ARIANA GRANDE during her show in Miami on Saturday and started singing "Love Me Harder" with her. He forgot the words. No one seemed to mind, though.

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