Tuesday, March 24, 2015

RELATIONSHIP REPORT: JOHN MAYER and KATY PERRY tried to make it work, but alas it's over . . . again.

According to an E! News insider, the relationship killer was a “lack of emotional interest” on John’s end. The insider added that John's been telling his friends that he'll always love her, but "fell out of love with [her]."

John and Katy broke up in February of last year, then rekindled things at the beginning of this year.

Meanwhile, ORLANDO BLOOM and MIRANDA KERR have reportedly gone from husband and wife to friends with benefits.

The not-always-reliable In Touch Weekly quotes an anonymous source as saying that Orlando and Miranda have been "hooking up" of late "whenever the mood and opportunity strike."

They separated in 2013, and as far as we know, have not officially divorced.

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