Thursday, April 23, 2015

CELEBRITY COURT - MILA KUNIS SUED FOR STEALING A CHICKEN: MILA KUNIS is a chicken thief. That's what a woman is claiming in a lawsuit.

Her name is Kristina Karo, and she claims Mila stole a chicken named "Doggie" from her 25 years ago when she and Kunis lived in the Ukraine. She said she was Mila's best friend back then, and that Mila played with her and her chicken all the time. Then one day, Doggie went missing, and Mila supposedly admitted to stealing him.

Kristina said she was really attached to her pet chicken and had to go through years of therapy to get over it. And now that she's in L.A., she claims that being so close to Mila has brought back all the emotional distress and she wants Mila to give her $5,000 in damages.

So why did it take so long to sue? It might be because Kristina is trying to start a music career, and has a single called "Give Me Green Card".

Kunis and husband ASHTON KUTCHER have responded to the complaint ... by mocking the aspiring singer and hopeful resident in a video posted on TMZ.

Kunis sarcastically said she was "devastated" and wept when she learned of the lawsuit. When asked on camera by Kutcher if she was launching a counter-suit, Kunis replied she wanted 5 grand from Karo  "for making me sit there and watch your music video," adding that her body and eyes hurt because of it and "that requires money."

KYLIE JENNER ADDRESS #KYLIEJENNERCHALLENGE CRAZE: KYLIE JENNER has responded to the idiotic web trend that has idiotic kids suctioning the crap out of their lips with bottles and shot glasses to achieve the plumped up lips look of hers.

The "Kylie Jenner Challenge" has led to bruising and, in some cases, even ripped flesh. Dermatologists warn the practice can cause potentially irreversible damage to the nerves around your mouth.

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