Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DAYCARE WARNS PARENTS ABOUT LINDSAY LOHAN'S COMMUNITY SERVICE: Regarding LINDSAY LOHAN completing her court-ordered community service at a Brooklyn, New York, daycare center; The New York Post reports that when parents showed up to pick up their kids, they received a letter informing them of Lohan’s expected presence.

The letter from the center’s early-childhood education director reportedly informs parents that “Ms. Lohan has asked to return to complete her community services and may be placed in a classroom with your child.” It goes on to assure parents that Lindsey will be “under constant supervision" and assures parents Lohan will “never be left alone” with the kids.

Lindsay has completed less than 10 of the required 125 hours of community service and has until May 28 to finish or face possible jail time. The community service was ordered as part of her sentence for the 2012 case involving her crash with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

ERIN ANDREWS WAS NOT SHADING CONTESTANT'S PROPOSAL, OR WAS SHE?!: ERIN ANDREWS says she was not rolling her eyes when Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend on "Dancing with the Stars".

Andrews caught a bunch of crap on Twitter for the way she reacted after the double-amputee Army veteran popped the question. Many thought she had a less-than-thrilled look on her face, and was even accused of rolling her eyes.

But Erin says she was touched, not annoyed ...

DID TIGER WOODS CHEAT ON LINDSEY VONN?!: TIGER WOODS and LINDSEY VONN may have broken up over Tiger's cheating ways.

So far, the only "proof" is a source talking to the not-always-reliable British tabloids. According to said source, Tiger had a one-night stand after he was eliminated from a tournament in February.
"He can't help himself," explains the tattletale. "He's got an addiction. He relapsed."

Tiger supposedly confessed to Lindsey in the hopes that the truth would set him free. That tactic, obviously, didn't work. "He really wanted Lindsey to be the one," added the source."But he blew it again."

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