Monday, June 15, 2015

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - JOHN STAMOS ARRESTED: JOHN STAMOS was arrested on Friday night in Beverly Hills and charged with driving under the influence.

TMZ says Stamos was pulled over after someone called police to report  him driving erratically, and word is he was so out of it they handcuffed him, and had paramedics take him to a hospital.

The cops followed him there and cited him for DUI while he was getting treatment. He was discharged later that night.

The next day, he Tweeted a "thanks to everyone for their love and support" but he did not elaborate on the situation.

DID KAITLYN'S SHAPCHAT SPOIL THE BACHELORETTE?!: In what could be a first for the ABC reality show, a contestant's own social media mess-up may have spoiled an entire season of The Bachelorette.

Friday evening, contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe was in bed when she recorded herself on the video app Snapchat -- with none other than shirtless season 11 hopeful Shawn Booth in bed next to her!

The video blunder could indicate he's likely this season's winner, or perhaps that Bristowe didn't pick him to be her hubby-to-be, but hooked up with him anyway.

She deleted the video not long after, but not before disappointed fans spread the spoiler all over the Interwebs.

So far, ABC hasn't addressed the situation.

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