Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN'S INITIAL AUTOPSY RESULTS ARE IN: The initial autopsy results for Bobbi Kristina Brown are in, and the cause of her death remains inconclusive.

Per the medical examiner, "the autopsy does not show an obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries were noted. No previously unknown medical conditions that could've contributed to death were identified.

The examiner also noted that the six-month period from when she was discovered submerged in her bathtub and her death on Sunday "complicates" and "challenges" their ability to figure out exactly what happened. Additional testing will be conducted, which could take several weeks.

According to TMZ, investigators are currently treating her death as a homicide, with her boyfriend/husband Nick Gordon still a "person of interest."

DID TAYLOR SWIFT SHADE KATY PERRY?!: TAYLOR SWIFT had a gig in Massachusetts over the weekend, and while she was performing "Bad Blood" someone in a shark costume made a surprise appearance behind her, drawing laughs from Taylor.

The Internet predictably freaked out over it because it seemed like a not-so-subtle shot at KATY PERRY.

After all, the song is supposedly about Katy, and Katy's sharks are part of the reason why they're feuding in the first place. [When Katy performed with the sharks at the Super Bowl halftime show, the more competent RIGHT SHARK was one of the dancers that Katy poached from Taylor's tour.]

Well some of Taylor's Swifties (fans) would like you to know that it's an ongoing joke unrelated to Katy and that their girl Tay is not shading her. Apparently, one of her dancers has been pranking Taylor at all her shows.

At that very moment in the song, the unidentified backup dancer has been bringing various sea creatures out. That time it was a shark, but at the previous show it was a lobster

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