Thursday, July 02, 2015

WHY, BEN AND JEN, WHY?!: The speculation over why BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER broke up is all over the Internet.

One popular theory is that she got tired of his drinking and gambling, but sources say it was really Ben's career boom over the past few years that came between them. Apparently, while Ben did everything he could to be a good father, work kept him from being "present" as a husband.

Meanwhile ... a source tells US Weekly the two were going to split three years ago but then Jen found out she was pregnant. Says the source, "You know how it is -- baby comes and solves the issues for a bit but it's just a Band-Aid. It hasn't been working for ages."

Now that the marriage is over, though, the couple will still kinda-sorta stay together for the sake of the children. Word from those said to be close to the situation, Ben and Jen will continue to live on the same property, but in separate houses.

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - ENRIQUE IGLESIAS CHARGED WITH OBSTRUCTION: ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is being charged with obstruction and driving with a suspended license in Florida following an arrest that occurred in Miami-Dade County in May.

Iglesias was cuffed and stuffed after his white Cadillac Escalade was pulled over for driving in a closed express lane of Interstate 95. According to the Florida Highway Patrol report, the trooper observed Iglesias jumping from the driver's seat into the back so his friend could slide behind the wheel and pretend HE was the driver.

The friend reportedly told the officer he didn't know why he switched seats with Iglesias. Enrique invoked his right to remain silent.

The two were released from custody after signing court-appearance commitments. Both entered pleas of not guilty and are set to appear in court on July 10.

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