Tuesday, October 20, 2015

LAMAR ODOM DISCHARGED FROM HOSPITAL: LAMAR ODOM was discharged yesterday from the Las Vegas hospital he's received care from since being found unresponsive at a legal brothel last week, and transferred via helicopter to an L.A. hospital. [PHOTO]

Although it appears he'll recover from his near-death experience, it still hasn't been determined how much lasting damage he did to himself.

Sources say his brain function is good, but he's mostly communicating with hand signals, and while he can move his arms and legs, he can't stand up yet, even with assistance, and he's still on dialysis.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN is still by his side, and a source says she's planning on sticking around throgh his recovery, which many say will take months.

When all of this happened, Khloe was dating JAMES HARDEN of the Houston Rockets. So what's the status of THAT relationship? People magazine says James supports her and understands that she needs space.

Technically Khloe and Lamar are still married. Even though divorce papers have been signed, a judge has yet to sign off on them.

Meanwhile ... A British tabloid posted pictures of Lamar at the Love Ranch the day before he was found unconscious.

The photos are of Odom sleeping or passed out in the king-sized bed where he was found the day after the picture was taken, and a "disheveled" Lamar holding a bottle of water in the room.

CELEBRITY COURT - BLAKE SHELTON SUES TABLOID: BLAKE SHELTON has filed a defamation lawsuit against "In Touch Weekly."

Shelton is disputing last month's cover story that claimed out-of-control drinking, partying, and womanizing is what ended his marriage to MIRANDA LAMBERT. The story also stated Blake had hit rock bottom and was heading to rehab.

Further, In Touch claimed Miranda caught him with "a bunch of naked women" in their home, that he drank vodka before noon and was slurring his words, that his friends were talking about an intervention, and were actually "terrified" he could end up dead. That he went to a bachelor party after his divorce and ended up in a hot tub with strippers.

Shelton filed a defamation lawsuit yesterday in L.A. asking for more than $1 million in damages, plus an injunction that would prevent the magazine from repeating the allegations. The lawsuit states that he's "had enough," "has not hit rock bottom," "is not in rehab and has no plans to go to rehab."

The suit also claims Blake asked "In Touch" for a retraction but didn't get a response.

KALEY CUOCO'S HUSBAND WANTS SPOUSAL SUPPORT: KALEY CUOCO's estranged husband RYAN SWEETING is a tennis pro, but Kaley is on the #1 show on television. So guess who makes more money?

In Ryan's divorce papers, he's asking for spousal support from Kaley, as well as legal fees. In Kaley's papers, she just asked that spousal support be awarded in accordance with the terms of their prenuptial agreement, and noted that their prenup specifies legal fees be paid by BOTH parties.

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