Friday, April 25, 2014

JUSTIN BIEBER DETAINED: JUSTIN BIEBER returned from his trip to Asia yesterday, and when he landed at LAX Customs agents wanted to have a little talk with him. A four hour talk.

It's not clear what exactly what went down but sources described it as "routine secondary questioning." According to an L.A. TV station, it's "not uncommon for customs and immigration officials to question non-citizens who arrive in the US and have open legal proceedings."

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - CAREY SPENDS BIG BUCKS ON HER DOGS: MARIAH CAREY reportedly spends about $50,000 a year on grooming ... her pets!

Carey is mom to eight furry friends, and According to The not-always-reliable UK newspaper "The Mirror," claims Mariah's eight furry friends get a monthly cut and blow dry which costs $80 a pup.

They supposedly also get "full body wraps, Thai massage, blueberry facials and manicures' during spa stays." In total, the treatments are said to amount to approximately $47,000 per year. Must be nice.

IS 'TRUE TORI' NOT TRUE AT ALL?: TORI SPELLING'S  latest reality series "True Tori" debuted earlier this week, although some are questioning how true the show really is. Some on the World Wide Web of Speculation theorize Tori may have scripted the entire saga of her marital issues just to land another reality show.

They point to the fact that in the first episode, Spelling claims husband DEAN MCDERMOTT had been in rehab since before Christmas and that she spent the holiday alone with the kids, but Dean posted a pic of his son showing off his Christmas gift on December 29th.

In addition, Tori shared a New Year’s Eve shot with her entire family during a period where she claims Dean was still in rehab.

 Finally, the naysayers claim, Tori has always had a good relationship with Us Weekly, the mag that broke the news that Dean cheated and question whether she may have used the mag to create the scandal. They also find it interesting that the mistress basically disappeared after the story broke.

ROMANCE REPORT: DAVE NAVARRO Tweeted a picture of himself touching tongues with his ex CARMEN ELECTRA Wednesday night at a heavy metal award show.

 He captioned it, "May get lucky with this one tonight!" However, a source insists they're not back together, they're just still really good friends.

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