Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The not-always-reliable Radar Online claims that former 'Girls Next Door' playmate KENDRA WILKINSON'S husband HANK BASKETT cheated on her with a transsexual while she was pregnant with their baby daughter Alijah. The site claims it happened when Kendra was eight months pregnant, with a wo(man) who goes by the name AVA LONDON. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Hank allegedly became interested after seeing some of her many YouTube videos. They arranged to meet, and supposedly got to know each other quite well, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Their source says Baskett gave her $500 and told her to keep in touch, but when the Jennifer Lopez / Casper Smart transsexual scandal broke, he got scared and begged her not to blab. Word is he gave her $2,000, and promised her another 5-grand to keep quiet.

Kendra apparently found out, and that's why Hank allegedly moved out last Friday.

ROMANCE REPORT - J.LO + MAKS?: Even though they've denied dating rumors, JENNIFER LOPEZ was getting pretty close to MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY at a nightclub on Saturday. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

A source tells People magazine, "[Maks] went to see her perform, and then they went to [the club] after." Although they parted ways at the end of the evening, the source adds that "they were flirting. They were dancing very close. They had a lot of fun together."

UPDATE - HOPE SOLO PLEADS NOT GUILTY/NEPHEW REVEALS DETAILS OF HER RAMPAGE: While soccer star HOPE SOLO was appearing in court yesterday where she pleaded not guilty to domestic violence charges, her 17-year-old nephew was telling TMZ all about the beating he got from an alleged drunken Solo. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

First of all, it sounds like there wasn't some crazy party at Hope's house as first reported. In fact, the kid says Hope showed up to HIS house. Yes, she was drunk, and she was also angry that she'd missed a flight.

Hope somehow got the idea her nephew was talking smack about her, so she started cussing him out. He called out to his mom, who's Hope's sister, which prompted Hope to call him a word that rhymes with wussy. So he called her the C-word that rhymes with runt. That’s when Hope supposedly grabbed his hair and started whaling on him. So he went to his room and came back with a gun and pointed it at her.

He tells TMZ she left when he called the cops, but then she tried to get back in. That's when Hope's sister intervened, and caught a beating for her efforts. (PHOTO)

Solo faces two counts of fourth-degree domestic violence assault. A pretrial hearing was set for the morning of August 11.

MILEY'S LITTLE SISTER IS IN CHARGE OF HER NAUGHTY BITS: I think we all know by now that MILEY CYRUS can get down-right provocative when she's performing. She's come pretty close to showing her fun stuff onstage quite a few times but so far, she has yet to expose her love tunnel to a crowd. And apparently, we have Miley's 14-year-old sister Noah to thank for that.

Cyrus was on Australian radio the other day, and revealed that little sister Noah has been tasked with the job of standing offstage and making sure Miley's private parts aren't showing when she spreads her legs during a song.

Miley calls Noah her, quote, "[P-word] police."

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