Thursday, October 30, 2014

JESSICA BIEL - BABY BUMP OR BIG MEAL?: JESSICA BIEL may or may not be pregnant. If the not-always-reliable Radar Online is to be believed, then she is.

They spoke with a "close pal" who claims "Jessica is at least three months pregnant, and...due in April." If this is true, it'll be the first child for both Jessica and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Here's the photographic "evidence": (PHOTO)

SANDRA BULLOCK TO THE RESCUE: SANDRA BULLOCK rushed to the aid of an extra who collapsed on the set of her new movie on Sunday.

The film is shooting in New Orleans, and despite the heat, everyone had to wear warm clothes for a certain scene. Well, one woman couldn't take the heat and passed out. Sandra rushed to the rescue, getting the woman to shade, giving her water and fanning her until an ambulance arrived. (PHOTO)

WATCH: ELLEN DEGENERES scared the crap out of JAKE GYLLENHAAL on yesterday's show. She had a guy dressed as a creepy doll hide next to Jake's chair in a box that was made to look like a table.

Then in the middle of the interview, the guy jumped out, and scared an F-bomb out of Gyllenhaal.

AMANDA BYNES' MOTHER HAS BEEN GRANTED A TEMPORARY CONSERVATORSHIP: AMANDA BYNES' mother Lynn Bynes has been granted a temporary conservatorship over Amanda after a judge agreed with her yesterday that her daughter is a "substantial risk to herself" and others.

Amanda will first spend at least another month in the hospital under an involuntary psychiatric hold.

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